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About AKAL

AKAL House was established in 2018 by designer Michal Mangisto.

AKAL was first introduced to the world of fashion at the Tel-Aviv Fashion Week 2019 runway show, where Michal was named the winner of the "Mifaal Hapise" award.

The name AKAL is deeply symbolic, as it is the name of Michal's mother and in Amharic means "soul in my body".

Michal's experiences, memories, talent in addition to those she has acquired over the years as a fashion designer culminated in a fashion brand that offers a contemporary feel with quality as an approach, while still preserving the beautiful aesthetics and skills of traditional Ethiopian embroidery.

'I grew up in an artistic environment where handicrafts were part of our daily routine. Together with my mother and the women of the village, we would get up and head to the endless cotton fields in the province of Gubia in Ethiopia, picking the cotton and weaving on a loom, enhancing traditional white dresses with colorful fabrics in patterns made from our imagination."

Akal's timeless collection consists of designs in which each garment tells a story and has a personal identity; an identity that speaks of longing and exile, as well as the search for an anchor within the identity which can be found in handicrafts. It is an unconventional and captivating mix, similar to the carefully selected fabrics of the pieces of the collection.

The result is standout pieces for women who simply love style and express themselves by wearing unique fashion items. The collection is accessible and defies seasonal limitations. These are clothes that leave a mark on the heart and will have a lasting impact on any closet.

Michal's overriding drive is not only limited to creating fashion pieces or commercial pursuits, but is also reflected in sustainable values ​​through the uncompromising use of natural raw materials, as well as handcrafted techniques of dyeing fabrics that preserve the basic properties of the raw material, thus allowing clothes endless closet life, without compromising on the appearance and preservation of the fabric.

Along with being aware of the latest trends, AKAL does not give up the supreme value of fair employment through determined social action, that integrates talented women from the Ethiopian community of all ages, who work on the pieces with Michal's guidance. They embroider beautiful designs on canvas sheets that tell a story on the garment while allowing them to be notable members of Israel's creative working society.